Slowing Down to Be Present With God

Too busy? Many of us are. We invite you to slow down and to develop an emotionally healthy spirituality.

We Declare Jesus' Presence in Our Community

From November – April, we worship in the Auditorium Room of the Dorchester Boys and Girls Club at 15 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester MA. From May – October, we worship at Elmhurst Park at 27 Elmhurst Street, Dorchester. Please join us at 10:30am!

Shalom Is What Happens When God is Present

How would you describe God’s desire for yourself and for our neighborhood? One word to consider: Shalom.

Looking For a Church?

Here is what you’ll find at Neighborhood Church of Dorchester: Jesus, healing, joy, justice, love for our neighborhood and neighbors.

Kids Church: Pre-School and Elementary

We celebrate children learning about Jesus.

Welcome to the Neighborhood


Living out Shalom in the neighborhood of Dorchester. Our Sunday services (for May – October 2024) are outdoors at Elmhurst Park at 27 Elmhurst Street in Dorchester, MA.  Services are 10:30am – 12:00pm.  

After the Worship portion, kids ages 3 – 12 years are dismissed to Kids Church.    

Our Sunday Services are also streamed on Facebook Live.  

God’s Shalom With Us

We strive to be wholehearted followers of Jesus who invite you and our neighbors to pursue and experience the fullness of God’s shalom with us.


Men’s breakfast and women’s brunch every month

Intercessory Prayer

We believe God hears our prayers and responds to His children.

Neighborhood Presence

We participate in neighborhood ministries and organizations.

Kids Church

Every Sunday, teaching our children to connect with Jesus.

Emotional Health

We use the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality curriculum to slow down spirituality.

Book Groups

We meet in weekly small groups to eat together, share, pray, and study Scripture.

Join us Sundays at 10:30

Come as you are. Family-friendly.

Our Sunday service is life-giving and Jesus-centered. Worship is vibrant. Stories of God at work are encouraging. Sermons are rooted in Scripture, practical, and powerful.

For May – October, Sunday services are outdoors at Elmhurst Park at 27 Elmhurst Street in Dorchester.  Services are 10:30am – 12:00pm.  

After the Worship portion, kids ages 3 – 12 years are dismissed to Kids Church.  

(For November – April, we will be indoors at the Auditorium Room at the Boys and Girls Club at 15 Talbot Avenue in Dorchester.)  

We can also be found on-line at our Facebook public page


Our Life Is an Act of Worship

A community that cares about Shalom.

“Shalom” is the Hebrew word in the Bible that refers to the “peace” and “wholeness” that God intended for the entire creation. To restore “shalom” in the world and in us, God gave His Son Jesus, and gives His Spirit. We participate in God’s work of restoring that “shalom” in our city, neighborhoods, families, and relationships.

Watch our services live every Sunday on our Facebook page. 

From The Members

NCD is the church I always dreamed about being a part of: a community that puts faith into practice by tangibly loving our neighborhood. I continually see people giving up their kingdom for God’s kingdom. It’s one of the most authentic community of believers that I’ve been a part of.


“I see the Lord gearing up Neighborhood Church to make a real measurable impact on the Dorchester community. Collectively and individually, our members have a real heart for “the least of these” often because we are them in some way or another.”


“The atmosphere is relaxed and people have a passion to not only explain the love of God, but to help you feel it. The church comes together for the neighborhood.”


“My hope for the neighborhood is that it would experience the true Love of God and that Neighborhood Church would be instrumental in expresses that Love.”


Contact Us

Sunday Services:
Boys and Girls Club, 10:30am – 12:00pm
15 Talbot Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02124

Business Address:
15 Elmhurst Street #2
Dorchester, MA 02124

Need prayer? Got a question? Have something to say? Let us know.